Johannes Gierlinger

Johannes Gierlinger grew up on the countryside in Austria. He received a BFA in Digital Media from the University of Applied Arts in Salzburg. He is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. He has received several scholarship grants, amongst others the annual grant for film from the Federal State Government Salzburg. His work has been shown at various national and international Film festivals (57th Cork Film festival, 30th Kassel Dokfest…) as well as exhibited internationally. His work deals with the subjective view and the attempt to describe topics from a very personal perception and is strongly connected to an essayistic approach. He works primarily in the field of Essay, Documentary, Experimental film as well as Photography. Lives and works in Vienna.


Here Without a Signal

Here Without a Signal was made while shooting my current film in Chile. The photographs are a personal and essayistic approach to discovering the country. The project starts in Santiago de Cile and moves through the Atacama Desert up to the North of Chile I tried to capture moments, people and places about a, for me, unknown country. The collection and sequencing at the end is very similar to how I´m editing films: there are no rules. Time and space can be rearranged in different orders. Places retain divergent meanings and the image becomes an adventure for the eye. The images are fragments of a phase and as Huxley said, ” it is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything.”

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