Azimuth 243

Shifting between proximity and distance, Azimuth 243 assembles two photographic studies on Paris and Montreal, through a series of resonances to the book Montréal-Paris. Started in the summer of 2011 by photographers Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin, Azimuth 243 consists of six, twenty-four page limited edition booklets, from UN to SIX. The booklets will be followed by three exhibitions, A#, B# and C#, whose curating represents the continuation of their editorial work. A# Azimuth 243 was exhibited in the Off Festival, during the International Photography Festival in Arles, July 2-8, 2013. The fifth book in the edition, CINQ was released in conjunction with the exhibition. Today we share images from their project.









Images from A# Azimuth
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Pascal Amoyel is a portrait photographer living and working in Paris, FR. He graduated with a degree is photography from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP Arles). He writes on photography and curated two photographic exhibitions at the galerie michèle chomette (Intrusions, 2010 and Entre deux eaux, 2011).

Thomas Bouqin is a French born photographer currently living and working in Montréal, Québec. He is attending Concordia University, working towards a Bachelor of the Arts in Photography. Thomas’ work primarily examines the relationship between man and the landscape and how elements such as memory, space and light can influence and modify our perceptions of these places. Visually, he is working within the gap between photographic subjectivity and documentary traditions.

Want to catch their work in person? There will be a new display of this work in an exhibition at the Gallery of Éditions Loco’s in Paris in December 2013, then in Montréal, in June 2014. For more information, please visit their website.