Molly Matalon

Molly Matalon was born in 1991 in sunny South Florida and is now living in Brooklyn, New York, studying to earn a BFA in photography at the School of Visual Arts. She has shown in New York, having recently participated in the group show, Do You Wanna Be Loved at Ferro Strause Gallery, and is featured in Pitch and Rail’s first publication, Pussy.jpg

This body of work consists of portraits and landscapes that illuminate a unique relationship between mother, daughter, and place. The photographs explore the photographer’s mother’s role in her life as a friend over matriarch and a competition in their relationship about image, and how they represent themselves to and in the world around them. Molly questions definitions of beauty, who it is defined by, and how it is embodied through the photographs of her mother and the faux, perfectly manicured landscape in which she resides.



“Through making pictures of her obsessively I am attempting to show her true image of self, the one she displays for the camera and me. While simultaneously reformulating our relationship into one that is symbiotic and was not there to begin with. The landscape is picturesque but soulless and I am interested in how these same themes can be translated into a human figure, and more specifically a mother figure.”

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For more information about Molly and to see more of her work, please visit her website.