Kate Wimer

Kate Wimer is a photographic artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She spends the majority of her photographic endeavors photographing the way perceptions of place and home are constructed. Wimer believes photography can be an expression of gratitude, an element of a visual song or poem used to still and understand the world.

Wimer holds a BFA in studio art from Southern Utah University, and an MFA in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her photographs are continually published and exhibited nationally and internationally.


In this transient and nomadic age, our sense of belonging to a place is challenged. The landscapes of our past become touchstones, things to which we return and measure the distance. This sequence of photographs from my childhood home of Minnesota and temporary residence in Georgia flow together to construct a metaphor for a private view, a layered and decentered sense of place.

Kate_Wimer_2_o Kate_Wimer_3_o Kate_Wimer_4_o Kate_Wimer_5_o Kate_Wimer_6_o Kate_Wimer_7_o Kate_Wimer_8_o Kate_Wimer_9_o Kate_Wimer_10_o Kate_Wimer_11_o Kate_Wimer_12_o Kate_Wimer_13_o Kate_Wimer_14_o Kate_Wimer_15_o

To view more of Kate’s work please visit her website.