Carlo Alberto Danna

Carlo Alberto Danna is a 24 year old self-taught photographer from Torino, Italy. His first photo, which still sits on a shelf in his parent’s bedroom, was shot in 1994 in Paris while sitting on the grass of the Bois de Boulogne park. He has since travelled throughout Kenya to photograph and is currently writing his thesis for an Economics and Management of International Organizations master degree in Milan.

Carlo_Alberto_Danna_14_o Carlo_Alberto_Danna_13_o

The work I’ve submitted was shot in Kenya, between Nairobi and Olorgesailie, a small rural village 40 minutes driving from the capital city. With this series of documentary portraits and landscape, called Mzungu (white man in Swahili, and also the title of the shortfilm for which I was the stage photographer) I would like to underline the deep differences that occur in a country splitted between tradition and development.

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To view more of Carlo’s work please visit his website.