Thomas Pearson

Thomas Pearson was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1984 and grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. After studying in the photojournalism program at The University of Southern Mississippi, he has worked for newspapers and various other clients in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Thomas is currently working on numerous personal projects that seek to visually explore identity and landscape in the Deep South.

Morning Curtains, Hattiesburg, MS

S. 26th Ave., Hattiesburg, MS

The Pines

The Pines depicts quiet moments within somewhat pedestrian spaces throughout the Piney Woods region of South Mississippi. Made with a stream of consciousness approach and whatever camera is closest to me at the time, I refer to a visual exploration of the emotional content of my own memory which is inextricably bound to this place. This series attempts to reflect on emptiness, as well as the the inner spaces and uncontrollable forces that shape our material surroundings.

Logging Road, Jones County, MS

Parking Lot, Hattiesburg, MS

Adeline St., Hattiesburg, MS

Jacob, Hattiesburg, MS

Twisted Branches, Forrest County, MS

Ward's, Wiggins, MS

Praying Hands, Hattiesburg, MS

Winter Kudzu, Hattiesburg, MS

Smoky Dirt Road, Forrest County, MS

Ward's on 49, Hattiesburg, MS

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