Samantha Friend

Samantha Friend was born and raised in Brookfield, Illinois where her three most prized possessions were cake, Seinfeld and going to the zoo. She is currently studying for her BFA in Honors Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and is grateful everyday to be living inside of a big apple. Below she shares her ongoing collection of environmental samples entitled Swatches.

1Samantha_Friend_Looking--2014_o 2Samantha_Friend_Shell--2014_o


A collection of abstracted environmental samples that work together to create an entirely new space than which they were taken. This project seeks to put forth serious photographs extracted from somewhat childish places. Through exploring a particular area of a material or surface, this investigation focuses predominantly on the contemporary state of New York’s zoos in their unique, and vast exterior. In doing so, these pieces consider the notion of an off ­season. Defined as a time of year when business in a particular sphere is stagnant, I hope to capture this quiet moment and shed light on the inherent reality that although interest dwindles, things have yet remained the same. The result of this collective abandonment, are these small, mutable clues, containing whispers of a environment.

15Samantha_Friend_Gradient--2014_o 13Samantha_Friend_My-House--2014_o 14Samantha_Friend_Wildlife--2014_o 12Samantha_Friend_Steam--2014_o 4Samantha_Friend_Flaps--2014_o 9Samantha_Friend_Texture-3--2014_o 10Samantha_Friend_Droplets--2014_o 5Samantha_Friend_Cream--2014_o 7Samantha_Friend_Condensation--2014_o 3Samantha_Friend_Texture-2--2014_o 8Samantha_Friend_Sandstone--2014_o 11Samantha_Friend_Texture-3--2014_o 6Samantha_Friend_Pine--2014_o

To view more of Samantha’s work please visit her website.