Clementine Schneidermann

Clementine Schneidermann was born in 1991 in France. She studied photography at the Applied art school of Vevey, Switzerland and is now undertaking a Master course in documentary photography at the University of South Wales, Newport. Clementine works on many long term projects and her work is selected for the Ideastap/Magnum Photos Award 2014. Today we feature her series, Love Me True.

elvisbillboard 001Billboard, Memphis

littleelvis 001Little Girl, Elvis Presley Boulevard

Love Me True

What moves me is people’s eccentricity. I don’t care if they are young or old, I just like them to feel different and want to be noticed. When you walk down the street, you will always notice a different hair cut, or an unexpected pronounced make up on an old lady. This artificial look could be interpreted as self-confidence but it is often ambiguous and underlies a king of insecurity. In my most recent projects, I have been looking for people who yearn to be someone else. They might be burlesque dancers or Elvis Presley fans; they all have this deep desire of escape. Living in Switzerland for three years, where everything is so standardized and clean made me realize my attraction for the quirky and the extravagance. All I was seeing was blank faces, wealth and emptiness. In my work, I attempt to look in people’s weakness and fragility.

graceland too 002Graceland Too, Holly Springs

amelie 002Amelie, Graceland

street 001Street, Memphis

rockabillycafe 002Girl In A Diner Restaurant, Graceland

elvisleg 001The Feet, Elvis Presley Boulevard

graceland 001Tourists With The Plane, Graceland

gracelandlivingroom 003Recording Studio, Graceland

maddie 002Mattie, Memphis

costumes 001Souvenir Shop, Elvis Presley Boulevard

elvis 001Elvis Impersonator, Jerry Lee Lewis Bar

glitch 001Local Artists, Memphis

paulmclold 001Paul Mcleod, Graceland Too, Holly Springs

memphis 001Street, Memphis

To view more of Clemetine’s work please visit her website.