Yoshinori Mizutani

Today we share the series, Colors, by Yoshinori Mizutani. Yoshinori was born in 1987 in Fukui, Japan and graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 2012. He is a double recipient of the Tokyo Frontline Photography award and has also been awarded the Ivan Vartanian Japan Photo Award. Yoshinori has exhibited in Tokyo, Paris, and New York. Yoshinori currently lives and works in Tokyo.

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Sometimes photography without content is enough. Sometimes the lack of context gives depth to the picture, a resonance, gives us space to examine the banality of the subject and the beauty inherent in it. Yoshinori Mizutani gives us this space, his pictures reflecting on the mundanity of the everyday, transforming it, giving us a glimpse of his relationship to the surfaces, color and textures that surround him.

It is breathtakingly understated work; a door, a tree, an empty street, an escalator, all given the same treatment, a careful studied and contemplative series of pictures whose subject matter is not as important as the vitality of the thing itself; the elegance of geometry, the luminosity of light, the vibrancy of color and the texture of the object. In many ways, Mizutani makes images that encapsulate the age of now, their characteristics specific to this moment in time.

Moray Mair

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To view more of Yoshinori’s work please visit his website.