Sasha Pedro

Sasha Pedro is a photographer born and raised fifteen miles south of Boston. She has taught a series of portrait photography classes for both children and adults. Over the past two years, she has pursued and explored other, non-human subjects. She has recently returned to college, pursuing an art degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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They Lived There

They Lived There is my fascination with people and their approaches to everyday life. I like to capture these motions in photographs – it’s how I approach everyday life. As friends in my life moved from college and their parents’ homes into the world, I documented the places they lived. They Lived There started as a way to capture their lives at these moments; when they finally had dwellings of their own but no photos with which to fill the walls, no furniture to fill the floors, etcetera. However, while these people welcomed me into their lives, I came to discover each person fills his or her home his or her own way, a definitive expression of oneself.

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To view more of Sasha’s work please visit her website.