Paula Prats

Paula Prats is a Spanish photographer who received a BA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in 2011. Her interest in photography and traveling led her to expand her studies in the universities of Emily Carr Art and Design in Vancouver and Middlesex University of London. In 2012, she obtained a grant to work at the National Museum of Photography in Reykjavik. Her work has been exhibited individually and collectively at a national and international level, participating in shows in Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Iceland. Today we take a look at select photographs from her series, Dots.

Paula_Prats_05_o Paula_Prats_03_o


The series Dot digitally displays an eclectic selection of images. The title changes our perception of the whole connecting all those images by ‘the dot’ we keep seeing one after another. The dot, however, changes its color, volume and even its shape. It gives an insight into the photographic sequence and how the miscellaneous can be related by the simplest means, creating, hence, order from disorder.

Paula_Prats_02_o Paula_Prats_04_o Paula_Prats_06_o Paula_Prats_07_o Paula_Prats_08_o Paula_Prats_09_o Paula_Prats_10_o Paula_Prats_01_o

To view more of Paula’s work, please visit her website.