Oleg Koval

Oleg Koval was born in Dier, Hungary in 1989. He spent the majority of his childhood in Truskavets (Ukraine). After finishing his education at the Institute of Physics and Math in Drohobych, he moved to Lviv and is currently living and working there. Today we feature his series, New Story For The Place. These images were taken in Ukraine, Poland, and France.

oleg_koval_1_o oleg_koval_2_o


Reflections of multifaceted space is expressed in human shape, color, and dimension over a period of time and under certain circumstances. Both internally and externally, the decoration of life is filled with natural beauty and diversity, and there is no place for fake props.

oleg_koval_3_o oleg_koval_4_o oleg_koval_5_o oleg_koval_6_o

These photos are an existentialist urban plexus, traveling the world that we are used to seeing, but not used to noticing.

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To view more of Olegs work please visit his website.