Cody Cobb

Cody Cobb (b. 1984) is an American photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His photography attempts to capture portraits of the Earth’s surface, devoid of human interaction and interference.1

Cody_Cobb-120_o Cody_Cobb-126_o


This series was captured while visiting my home town of Blanchard, Louisiana in 2011. These scenes were discovered while exploring dirt roads, abandonments, swamps and pine forests of northwestern Louisiana, east Texas and southern Arkansas.

Cody_Cobb-102_o Cody_Cobb-101_o Cody_Cobb-111_o Cody_Cobb-109_o Cody_Cobb-117_o Cody_Cobb-124_o Cody_Cobb-122_o Cody_Cobb-137_o Cody_Cobb-127_o Cody_Cobb-142_o Cody_Cobb-144_o Cody_Cobb-149_o

To view more of Cody’s work please visit his website.