Anaïs Boileau

Anaïs Boileau is a French photographer born in 1992 in Nîmes. She currently studies at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland and is anticipated her degree in photography. Today we take a look at her concluding project from ECAL, Plein Soleil, juxtaposing sunbathing women with Latin architecture.

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Plein Soleil

Plein Soleil is about a kind of community of women taking the sun. These are women with golden skin exposing themselves under the omnipresent sun. They stay along the coast of the seaside towns marked by Latin, bright, and colorful architecture. I mixed the women portraits and the architecture and I used them each time to create diptychs. Floating between documentary and fiction, the portraits of this matriarchal community reveal a desire for exoticism.

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To view more of Anaïs’ work please visit her website.