Fred Lahache

Fred Lahache (b.1981) is a self-taught photographer based in Paris. After his first solo exhibition at Galerie Madé in 2013, Fred was featured in Pik magazine, Synonym Journal and various blogs, and contributes to Freunde von Freunden. Today we feature his series, Mediterraneo.



My father was born in Algeria. His parents too, from parents born in Sicily, Malta and Catalonia. I grew up hearing a million stories about these cultures and places. As a kid growing up, I also had a connection with it myself, going for vacations to the Mediterranean coasts every summer. An omnipresent element in my education, this sea was definitely a member of my family. This series pays homage to it, with a journey around its shores. Here, these territories dialogue together freely, helping me understand the relationship that I have with this identity now that I am an adult, with my own sensibility. From a passive connection to the Mediterranean, I made my actual experience out of it.​

fred_lahache_09_o fred_lahache_08_o fred_lahache_04_o fred_lahache_12_o fred_lahache_16_o fred_lahache_15_o fred_lahache_14_o fred_lahache_18_o fred_lahache_17_o fred_lahache_19_o

To view more of Fred’s work please visit his website.