Maite Carames

Maite Carames is from Barcelona and was born in 1972. She thinks photography is a great visual language that contains infinite possibilities of expression. Maite uses the photo as a narrative, told in the form of stories, series or sequences. Her pictures are not the product of an intention, or previous narrative scheme but rather a start of meetings or moments that provoke her. For Maite the everyday and banal is always staged to demonstrate the fragile line between reality and unreality. The result images are suspended in time, without references or nominations, throwing questions and incite to suspect the unexpected.

“I believe the mind is an endless source of creative consciousness. The ideas that are very intimate and human reflect: time, death, rebirth, beauty, desire.”

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Spaces of Memory

This Series is a collection of emotional spaces. It´work like a memory map. My memory…………
This series works as a still life: starting from the everyday, the intimate reality and next, to building an abstract world beyond time. The objects are transformed into allegories, facing what happened or what is to come, building themselves in their absence. Not naming things or events, but remaining suspended in the meantime.

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This creates an unsettling emptiness that transports us to imagine what happened, to make the story. A story that is always open, a timeless story. The scenes are incomplete, fragmented. Isolated objects, hidden. The characters distant, vulnerable. All are traces, remains , memories and space as the only witness. In that fragmentary line, a world of endless fictions is built, a game in which the viewer is actively involved through its interpretation. They are images that function as poetry, leaving an meaning always open and suspended meaning.

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To view more of Maite’s work please visit her website.