Ming-Jer Kuo

Ming-Jer Kuo (born in Taipei, Taiwan) is a New York-based artist. He worked as an enviromental engineer for eleven years and came to New York for art. He is creating interdisciplinary visual art works based on his lens-based media experience, urban living interest and engineer’s analytic perspective. Kuo graduated from MFA Photography, Video and Related Media at School of Visual Arts in 2014. He is a recipient of Paula Rhodes Award for Exceptional Achievement, NYC in 2014. In 2010, Ming-Jer’s work, “Everyday Practice of Art” was solo exhibited and was was included in a publication of government in Taiwan. Today we look at his series Will Finds A Way.

Ming-Jer-Kuo_1_o Ming-Jer-Kuo_7_o

Will Finds A Way

Cities operate as organic systems and grow, decay and change with time. In some cities where construction is more prevalent, nature is often squeezed out during the urban developing process. In other highly developed urban areas, nostalgia for nature triggers urban planners to include nature, by creating artificial nature, such as trees, parks and lakes. However, cities in Taiwan are often designed in an organic way. Being a organic flâneur on the streets in Taipei, the plants coexist with residents in myraid formats and express themselves into various gestures. This project is the documentation of my observation and exploration.

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To view more of Ming-Jer’s work please visit his website.