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Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek started his career in 2006 and worked as an intern with Magnum Photos, NYC, in 2008. He is currently based in Vienna, Austria and has worked for renowned magazines such as VICE, Vanity Fair, Monocle, Travel+Leisure, The Financial Times, Zeit Magazin, SZ-Magazin. His work has been included in several independent art publications and exhibited throughout Europe, Asia, and The United States.

The World We Live In was listed as one of the best photo books of 2013 by ilovethatphoto.net, and was voted photo book of the year at PDN Photo Annual 2014. It features full bleed layouts, a lay flat cover design, and a stunning print quality on gorgeous paper.

All of us here at Aint-Bad are in love with this book.

With no introduction or guidance, the reader is taken around the world: through snowy campers in St. Moritz, a mass baptism in Vienna, or a nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf, Koekkoek presents these small universes, never trying to force a uniform message or deeper meaning in the narrative. It’s left to the viewer to string it all together, and by the end there is only one the simple conclusion: this is the world we live in. These are the places that we call home.

Fascinated with microcosms, Koekkoek works with the idea of being able to move through several worlds in a day. While each community may have their own way of existence, that existence always shares components in a much larger picture. Koekkoek has a style that can only be described as documentary with a fathomless soul, and his treatment of light and seemingly effortless communication of different realities, is something you must hold in your hands to understand.

Review by Taylor Kigar

Title : “The World We Live In”, 2013
Size : 23 x 30 cm
Page Count : 160 Pages
Publisher : Kehrer Publishing
ISBN : 978-3-86828-470-6
*Includes limited edition A4 Print*

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