Luca Tombolini

Luca Tombolini was born 1979 in Milan. Luca completed classical studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with final assignment on visual rhetoric in Cinema. While studying he discovered photography and decided to follow his passion for it, experimenting in large format negative film. Since 2011 he primarily uses film and drum scanning to print large scale prints; landscapes and real life scenes. Today we look at work from Luca’s landscape portfolio.

Landscape Study I luca_tombolini_02_o My photographic research uses landscapes as a synecdoche to question Time, Space, Universe and our relation to them. This is an anthology of my series LS I, IV and V (2012-2014) on desertic landscapes. What attracts me to this kind of environment is its ability to tell us where we are coming from and its possible relation to other parts of Universe that existed or will exist in Time. That’s why I feel views in this series as reminders of possibilities of gates in our limited perception reality. Chances of linking the inner to the whole from which it generated. {image 3}{image 4} Framing and composition rely on combination of symmetric shapes found inbetween natural patterns, which I unconsciously found myself to choose; possibly looking for a unifying and simple principle, lying beneath what we are part of.

luca_tombolini_14_o Landscape Study I luca_tombolini_03_o luca_tombolini_07_o luca_tombolini_06_o luca_tombolini_05_o luca_tombolini_09_o luca_tombolini_08_o luca_tombolini_11_o luca_tombolini_10_o luca_tombolini_13_o luca_tombolini_12_o luca_tombolini_15_o

To view more of Luca’s work please his website.