Jillian Freyer

Jillian Freyer is originally from Connecticut and currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Jillian completed her BFA in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design spring of 2014. Freyer received the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship for the 2013 Yale Summer School of Music and Art, Stephen D. Paine Scholarship of the Copley Society and has had work featured in various publications and continues to make work in New England. Today we share her series For You to Sleep on The Tree Tops.

asitapproaches 001

As it Approaches, 2013

waterfallgirls 001

Single File Beneath the Falls, 2013

For You to Sleep on The Tree Tops

I fear I’d forget the heat of the summer if it never came, or the smell of pine needles a month into autumn, phenomena we barely notice until they pass us by or are somehow unattainable. As in the moments waking from a sleep, sometimes we are able to recall and make note of them, others are forgotten.

feelingfogged 001

Feeling Fogged, 2013

The Red Robe 001

The Red Robe, 2013

I photograph people and environments from a perspective of being in an indistinct time and place—rather than relying on a geographical locality and what we think we know of it. I want these photographs to be palpable, to engage from within, reliving the photographs through one’s own understanding and experience. I’m making these photographs through the practice of living vicariously through another—as Margaret Atwood says, “I write as if I’ve lived a lot of things I haven’t lived.”


Euonymus Brook, 2013

StarsDog 001

Star’s Sheppard, 2013

redpath 001

Untitled, 2013

Polack 004

Pollock, 2013

ania 010

The Flood, 2014

Marcus 002

Sminkey, 2014

beingquickenough 001

Being Quick Enough, 2014

thesleep 001

The Sleep, 2014

wild 001

Something Wild, 2013

the ice cap 001

The Island, 2014

ania 001

Winded Woman, 2014

To view more of Jillian’s work please her website.