Pascal Fellonneau

Pascal Fellonneau is a French photographer exploring the landscapes of Europe from Iceland to Spain, from his hometown Bordeaux to Paris where he now lives. An important part of his work questions the urban scene as we inhabit it. His pictures depict strange yet familiar landscapes often devoid of humanity. After living in Iceland for a few years, he was beneficiary of a grant from French ministry of Culture in 2005, and began exhibiting in several countries across Europe (France, Greece, Germany, Sweden). His work has been also featured in numerous magazines such as British Journal Of Photography, Elle, 1814 Magazine, Blow Magazine, Hector Magazine, and The Guardian.

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Reykjavík Diary

Reykjavík Diary was created after Fellonneau relentlessly walked the streets of the Reykjavík district in Iceland. While muted colors and natural forms usually characterize this landscape, its small urban spaces are full of bright eccentric culture and unconventional commercialized areas. Fellonneau explored the district in search of “signs and symptoms” of this urban lifestyle, and captured these oddities in a bold and almost hyper realistic fashion.

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To view more of Pascal’s work, please visit his website.