Andrea Roversi

Andrea Roversi (b. 1983) is a photographer based in Rome, Italy.  His study of photography began two years ago at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia, where he followed the masterclass in reportage and photojournalism.  He is currently working as a freelance photographer and collaborates with the Echo Agency based in Milan.  Roversi is working on two long-term projects; one about Mixed Martial Arts and one about rural life in Iceland.  His body of work “Once Upon a Time” received special mention at Macro: Photography Festival of Rome in 2013.

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Mai Domo
“Americans will never understand Cricket. The British can’t grasp American Football. What makes MMA so great is that every single man on the planet gets it immediately. It’s just two guys beating each other up in a cage.”Lorenzo Fertitta – UFC CEO

It has taken two years that has been filled with more than twenty different MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events to build this body of work. I use photography to expose this discipline to the public and give the sport a different point of view. I have followed the athlete’s trianing. I have stalked them to the changng rooms before their match. I have portrayed their ways of preparing, focusing, praying and empowering themselves; from the cage and back, to far away from the limelight. I see the joy of the winners, the grief and tears of the defeated, and the first aid support given to these contenders.

This is an extreme and fascinating fighting sport that deserves to be deeply explored and portrayed as it never has before.

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Firenze, Obihall, "Slam FC" event.Two fighter during a matc. Andrea_Roversi_09 Andrea_Roversi_10 Andrea_Roversi_11 Andrea_Roversi_13 Andrea_Roversi_14 Andrea_Roversi_15 Andrea_Roversi_12

To view more of Andrea’s work, please visit his website.