Collin Avery

Collin Avery (b.1987) is an American artist from Adams, MA. He received a BA in photography from Montana State University in 2012. Much of his photographic work is influenced from his memories of adolescence and his idea of home. His series entitled Remain Calm was on display at Saatchi Gallery in London as part of the Google Photography Prize (2012). His work has also been featured online including Flak Photo, Lenscratch, Aint-Bad Magazine, Art Photo Index, Actual Colors May Vary, Latent Image, Problemata Physica, Wave-Pool, and Oranbeg Press.

Picture 019

Hand clasp

Picture 004



“I had always dreamt of a day that I would be able to escape the thick forests and rolling hills of New England for a new life in the west. I had become bored with the weathered landscape and the antiquated scenery. New England was, in my eyes, tame. West of the Mississippi, the landscape was fierce and void of dark valleys and thick woodlands. Since moving to Montana, vacant of any personal memories, I have found myself connecting to certain items and details on a subconscious level that help alleviate my loss of home. It was not until I had left the familiarities of home did I discover a deep appreciation for the place I was raised. Fragmented moments and hazy memories are transformed into tangible objects. My photographs create an open dialogue between the ideals of the image-maker and the apparent truths that each of the photographs actually present in relation to myself.”

Picture 001


Picture 003

Installation with head

Picture 018

Wrapping paper


Untitled screen capture

Picture 002

Your memories enclosed

Picture 003

The beach

Picture 006

Undeveloped film


Fictionalized sunset

Picture 001



Untitled found photograph


To view more of Collin’s work, please visit his website.

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