Thomas Bouquin

Thomas Bouquin is a French born photographer currently living and working in Montreal, Quebec. Thomas’ work primarily examines the relationship between man and the landscape, and how elements such as history, memory and personal experiences can influence and modify our perceptions of these places. Visually, he is working within the gap between photographic subjectivity and documentary traditions. His work has been exhibited at the DNJ Gallery (Los Angeles, 2015), at the One Eyed Jacks Gallery (Brighton, 2015), at the Back Gallery Project (Vancouver, 2014), at the Darnley Gallery (London, 2014), at the Gallery of Loco Editions (Paris 2014), at the Maison de l’Image Documentaire (Sète, France, 2013), in Azimuth 243 (Voies-Off Festival, Rencontres d’Arles, 2013), in the Art Matters Festival (Montreal, 2012 and 2013), and featured in various print and online publications. He is also photo researcher and freelance photographer, co-founder of the Photobook Club Of Montreal, and co-publisher of the project Montreal-Paris with Pascal Amoyel.  Today we share his series, Spirit in the Night.

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Spirit in the Night

During the third year after I emigrated from France to Montreal, I was faced with the reality of the routine and the loss of the sense of discovery. To extend the map of possibilities and add a challenging and learning perspective on the everyday life, I wandered in the city to find something more personal rather than anecdotal.

In my spirit, the night is very linked to joyful feelings, looking at city lights through the back seat windows during night family drives. This project became a way to connect the past and the present, keeping the excitement of the children in a daily experience. At night, through walking and photography, I drove myself in the empty streets to continue the journey, looking at lights and spaces to find a new personal but familiar reading of the city.

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To view more of Thomas’ work, please visit his website.