Shawn Bush

Shawn Bush, born 1987, is a photographer living and working in San Francisco.  In his work Shawn tends to blend a certain amount of fiction with reality to create a one off world that mimics aspects of pop culture and Americana.  His work tends to focus on the obscurities of everyday life with subtle humor and lends itself to his inquisitive nature.  Bush has been shown in galleries in Chicago, Oakland, Grand Rapids and San Francisco.  His debut artist book The Process of Meaning and Worth is the recipient of the Manifest Gold Book award and is a part of the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s permanent collection.



The Process of Meaning and Worth

The essence of human nature instills us with different variations of what makes a person, place or thing meaningful to us at an individual level and to us as a society. Everyone finds and places significance according to many different variables.  Some place meaning by the age of what is in question, the history and possibly by the sheer amount of it. The one thing that has a universal meaning and consistently insists on placing a specific value is the monetary system and the currency that is the fundamental part of it. Money is the thing the fuels our modern society and when the material integrity of something is compromised it suddenly looses value and is no longer desired. The Process of Meaning and Worth challenges the unwarranted values of the world that surrounds us and explores the concept of money and the influence it has on us.














Shawn will be having an exhibition at the Athen B. Gallery entitled ‘Subjects’ in Oakland, California which opened on July 11th and will be up until the end of the month.  If you are in the area be sure to check it out.

To view more of Shawn’s work, please visit his website.