Daniel Dorsa

Daniel Dorsa (b. 1988) is a freelance photographer originally from South Florida. After spending about five years in Orlando, Daniel made the move to Brooklyn, NY in 2013. Since the move, Daniel has been focused on portraiture as well as shooting editorial and documentary work. Daniel also works as the Visual Director for Portals, a DIY music publication where he helps curate and produce photo / video content on emerging artists from the underground community. Today we share Daniel’s series, Foreign Kings.

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Foreign Kings

Once this camping trip to Iceland was planned out, none of us knew what to expect. With the exception of one person, none of us had been there prior, some of us had never camped before, and we were leaving the warm May weather to go back into winter temperatures. As the trip went on, the mood shifted and we realized we were in a very unforgiving, lonesome wilderness. Even though we had plenty of luxuries (cars, phones, etc.), the land molded us to its desolate mood. Foreign Kings is meant to showcase the feelings our pack of 11 kings experienced as we circled Iceland.

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To view more of Daniel’s work, please visit his website.