Hollis Johnson

Hollis Johnson grew up in southern New Hampshire and is currently working in Boston, MA and New York. Hollis completed his BFA in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the spring of 2015. Johnson has shown in galleries in San Diego, Portland, and Boston, as well as numerous online publications. His work investigates the oddities of the modern experience of man with a certain degree of wry humor – not too much, though. Today we share with you his series entitled, Blood Runs.

Hollis_Johnson_1 Hollis_Johnson_3

The series ‘Blood Runs’ is rooted in time. Houses, tracts, plots, and rooms: all maintain their own inevitable progression of the present into the past. Time warps these private spaces, placing a weight upon its inhabitants – the burden of those before. This is an attempt to place myself within this familial narrative so riddled with pride and performance, and investigate the flaws and foibles of kin by revisiting relationships and documenting the habits and spaces of my relatives. In such, I find a further sense of myself.

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To see more of Hollis’ work, please visit his website.