Adrian Skenderovic

Adrian Skenderovic (b. 1984) is a photographer based in Paris, France. He works as a creative in the advertising industry and often times works with talented photographers and directors who inspire him to produce his own projects outside commercial purposes. Originally focusing on candid street photography, Adrian is currently trying to find new points of view on the urban lifestyle by creating more specific bodies of work outside the classical snapshot. He has particular interests in human behavior, specifically in cities and in finding extraordinary moments within the ordinary. Today we share Adrian’s series Down the River.

Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-1 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-3 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-4 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-5

Down the River

“In Paris, tourists boats called “bateaux-mouches” cruise down the Seine river, offering sightseers a unique view of the city. In this series, Skenderovic wanted to capture the life of the Seine, by looking down on tourists looking at Paris.

Tourism is an interesting subject when you live in the most touristic destination. I’ve tried to approach this series the same way I work on street photography: trying to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. I was first attracted by the esthetic of the boat shot from a birds eye view when I noticed the colorful seats and the water surrounding them. From the photographs, I’ve noticed different behaviors of the tourists. Either the position of their body or the relations they have with one another at a certain moment. Throughout the series, one would notice that there are several different interactions taking place within one period of time. Stories are easily created within your mind and often times you try to understand the relationships of the people being photographed.

I wanted to look at people looking at Paris. As a Parisian, I don’t recognize the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre or Notre Dame Cathedral as a sight seeing area. These have become ordinary for me. By creating this series I’ve focused my direction on tourism; to catch the moments when these people are looking at those monuments, sometimes for the first time, with eyes wide open.”

Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-6 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-7 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-9 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-12 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-13 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-15 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-16 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-21 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-22 Adrian_Skenderovic_Down_The_River-23

To view more of Adrian’s work please visit his website.