Josh Loeser

Josh Loeser is a Phoenix, Arizona native and resident.  He first made pictures at the age of five, but took a little while longer to learn about photography.  Josh received his BFA from Arizona State University in 2014 and he continues to make work in the Phoenix area.




The instinctive and natural way for me to make work is just to make the best picture of someone that I can.  The thing that I think should be considered about my work is that it’s hopefully early in form relative to where I’d like it to be eventually.  My hope is to photograph people I know many times as the years pass.  If I’m able to do that, I think a narrative arc (or multiple ones) may form, and the self-contained worlds may become more piece-like.

Excerpt from email response to Madison Carroll, November 26, 2015.




I innately look for things that seem bigger than individuals, yet also are intimately connected to specific people as well.  I feel like the pictures I make of people are landmarks or monuments for a specific point in time for each person, yet also hopefully transcend time in some way

Excerpt from email response to Madison Carroll, September 22, 2015.




I want to have a combination of the everyday and the universal, and I want everything to look real or possible.  I feel like I gravitate toward ordinary/everyday clothing and appearances.  There are some very good exceptions mixed into my work, but overall I like things to be as ordinary as possible.  I think that’s a big part of what allows for real brilliance to shine through. 

Excerpt from email response to Madison Carroll, November 26, 2015.




 To see more of Josh’s work, please take a look at his website.