Tim Hill & James Aubrey Finnigan

Tim Hill and James Aubrey Finnigan are a British photographic duo working in London. James studied philosophy at Durham University before moving into the creative field whilst Tim received a degree in photography from Surrey Institute of Art and Design. They began working together during their assisting careers and are now established fashion and portrait photographers working for various publications at home and abroad. Today we’re featuring an ongoing series documenting youth institutions across Britain.

hill_aubrey_01 hill_aubrey_02 hill_aubrey_03 Vietnam Laos & Cambodia Community Centre

hill_aubrey_04 hill_aubrey_05 hill_aubrey_06 hill_aubrey_08hill_aubrey_07 Arcola Youth Theatre

hill_aubrey_10 hill_aubrey_11Dylan – The Sherwood Forresters Longbow Archery Club – North Yorkshire



If you’d like to view more of Tim & James’ work, please visit their website!