Alexis Hagestad

Alexis Hagestad was born and raised in the delightful valley of Missoula, Montana where as a child; she thought she lived on half of the earth because the sky was so large. Her heart truly lies in the un-touched prairie lands and the snowy peaks of mountains. She frequently finds herself dreaming of the western landscape, a landscape she has spent many years traveling through, trying to photograph its beauty.  Alexis’ love for travel ventured her east to study photography at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Alexis’ ultimate dreams consist of finding ways to use her photography as an aid in helping others. She’s had amazing opportunities to teach and use photography as a therapeutic healing process for organizations across the community of Chiang Mai, Thailand as well as different hospitals and cancer centers around the United States.

Today we’re honored to share Alexis’ documentary series ‘Inhabited’ which explores the juxtaposition of nature and man’s influence.

Paradise I Paradise II Paradise III


Nature is defined as being the inherent features of un-touched land, but as years progress and as land is built upon, its original state is vanishing. Inhabited is a series of images that documents the contrast between the beauty of nature and the reality of man’s alterations. These photographs focus on the transformation and growth of a landscape and its inhabitants. Photographed in the morning, the light illuminates the leaves, the trees, the power lines, the paved roads, the fences: enlightening the man-made objects that have re-defined and overtaken these once natural scenes. The images express the reality of land, transformed from its original state where blue skies are disrupted and intertwined with numerous strings of power lines and engraved exhaust streaks of flight paths. These are the lands where the smog of a paper mill now settles, and where pavement paves a new path for humanity.

Paradise IVParadise V Paradise VI Paradise VII Paradise VIII Paradise IX Paradise X Paradise XI Paradise XII Paradise XIII Paradise XIV

To view more of Alexis’ work, visit her website!