Matthew Pevear

Matthew Pevear (b. 1993) is an artist originally from Boston Massachusetts but now based in Los Angeles California. He is a recent graduate of Syracuse University where he obtained his BFA in Art Photography (2015). Matthew’s photographs look to explore the banal and every day. He is interested in how the sequencing of photographs works to create subtle metaphors and how photography itself works to translate the visual world. Today we share a selection of images from his portfolio.

Matthew_Pevear_1 Matthew_Pevear_2 Matthew_Pevear_3 Matthew_Pevear_4 Matthew_Pevear_5 Matthew_Pevear_6 Matthew_Pevear_8 Matthew_Pevear_9 Matthew_Pevear_10 Matthew_Pevear_11 Matthew_Pevear_12 Matthew_Pevear_13 Matthew_Pevear_14 Matthew_Pevear_15

To view more of Matthew’s work, please visit his website.