Sophie Ebrard

Hailing from the French Alps, Sophie Ebrard (b.1976) is an up and coming photographer, with just six years behind the lens. Before starting her career, Sophie worked in the advertising industry for about 10 years. The last 2 years have seen Sophie shoot several personal projects around the world, have her first baby, as well as doing her first solo show “It’s Just Love” in Amsterdam as part of Unseen Photo Fair. Travel is her life, which makes photography the perfect profession for Sophie. It gives her the opportunity to discover new worlds and meet new people, providing her with inspiration for the next story that she will capture and tell. Sophie may have come to photography recently, but her methodology is timeless. She brings this aesthetic to life through her use of analogue cameras, natural lighting and her thirst for life and humanity. Film allows her to be in the there and now, enhancing the focus and experience, and therefore quality of the images. “When I began to realize that being a photographer would give me a license to walk out and go alone in the world but with a purpose, it was a revelation.”





Finca la Prospera is a series of images shot by Sophie in in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She met that family ten years ago when backpacking around South America and lived with them for a month in a remote village of the North of Argentina. She was heart broken when she had to leave as she really felt part of the family and loved spending time with them and the five kids. When Jules, her first child was 5 months old, she went back to Argentina to see them again. As Sophie was discovering her new role as a mum, she was desperate to see them again. It was a special moment for all of them as they realized their relationship had not vanished with time but was stronger than ever with the arrival of a new baby. The image of Jules in the sink was selected as part of the Taylor Wessing prize at the National Portrait gallery in November 2015.









To view more of Sophie’s work, please visit her website.