William Minke

William Minke was born in 1979 in Karlsruhe (western Germany). He studied photography from 2007 to 2010 under Prof. Ute Mahler at Ostkreuzschule Berlin, where he graduated with his work “Love Is A Battlefield”. 2011 – 2013 he successfully completed a postgraduate studies likewise at Ostkreuzschule Berlin under Prof. Ute Mahler and Robert Lyons with his complementary work “End Of Crisis”. William Minke lives in Berlin, where he works as a freelance photographer.





End Of Crisis
The cruise liner business is thriving like never before. Behind the USA and Great Britain, Germany holds the third largest market for cruises. Deep sea, the great outdoors, the journey to alien lands – all of this is not the dream’s fulfillment, this is not what money is saved and paid for. The appeal of a foreign city’s port has long since been surpassed by an on-board overture.

The liner and its countless entertainment facilities are the target of any journey. Relaxation, pleasure and treats in a moving temple of amusement. It’s a marked out place of reliable conventions. As a traveler one can leave behind every day life on 13 decks of roulette tables, Bingo and shopping malls. 24 hours of every day.

It is a fascinating coexisting world that gathers holidaymakers. This artificially designed place functions by laws familiar to anybody who is well versed with mass entertainment. People buy into a community of givers and takers to attain their dream of a perfect holiday. William Minke joined that journey, a joint escape from day-to-day life, all by himself amongst 3000 pleasure seeking voyagers. Long days and nights in the tightest of places with people, who do in fact manage to redeem their promise of happiness and end all crisis.












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