Caleb Churchill

Caleb Churchill (b. 1980, New York) is an American photographer living in Providence Rhode Island. Churchill’s work has been included in festivals including the Brighton Photo Fringe (Brighton, England) and Flash Forward Festival (Boston). He has participated in multiple group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including DO IT! Houston, an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s exhibition do it and the release of do it: the compendium (Houston, Texas) and recently at Clamp Art (New York). His solo exhibition Terra Incognita was presented at Settlement Goods (Houston, Texas).

Churchill is currently working on a collaborative exhibition with Raina Belleau entitled Fantasia Colorado for Satellite, Art Basel Miami with GRIN (Providence, RI), an interdisciplinary exploration into how truth becomes legend. He is also working toward the completion of his first publication, The Era of Hopeful Monsters.

He recently graduated with an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. He received his BFA in Photography from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland and his MA in the History of Photography from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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The Era of Hopeful Monsters

The Era of Hopeful Monsters is an accumulation of images that delve into our ideas of what is nature and what is urban.  A safety rail inside a cave, infrastructure toppled by reckless drivers, butterflies feeding on cut fruit, trees and shrubs cut and pruned for aesthetics or convenience: they are all forms of human marks made on our environment. The images also show moments where these environments seep and spread into one another, each one attempting to gain the upper hand.

The series creates its own world. It is one that is familiar yet other. The view I bring to the work is one that is simultaneously optimistic and skeptical. I doubt the romanticism of environmentalism and I am drawn to moments of dysfunction, failed intentions and accidental traces of action. But despite my sometimes-cynical outlook toward the built environment, I find that the images I have gathered are moments of beauty. Sometimes this beauty is bittersweet, the dysfunction strangely enigmatic. The world created by my work encompasses both the utopic and the rebellious. It is a reflection of the world we inhabit in our daily lives, parallel to the real world. The vision presented in the work is one of my subconscious, encapsulating and balancing my doubts and hopes, the mundane and the sublime.

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To view more of Caleb’s work, please visit his website!