Zoe Beausire

Zoé Beausire was born in Switzerland and is currently living and working as a freelance photographer in Berlin. Zoé graduated from the ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne in 2010 with a Bachelor in visual communication. 

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Rosette, Mauricette et Roby

In a symbolical as well as narrative way, “Rosette, Mauricette et Roby” shows drastically and intensely the inevitable process of body changes, of alteration in social life and in social participation. It questions the relation of life and death.

Old-age is the stage of life when the human condition is revealed to the person himself. This is the moment when the human being has to face himself because his body eludes him and constantly reminds him his mortality. These three people come from a humble background. Their lives were based on work and family. Once they are retired, once their children live by themselves, their social life decreases. So what’s left? It’s only the human being facing himself dealing with who he really is beyond his working life. A life reduced to micro-activities but nevertheless a life. There are still feelings, emotions, friendship. The protagonists find trust and solidarity, they reinvent there own collectivity.This work mixes up the symbolic with everyday life images. It deals not just with three people’s intimacy but the much more general question of old age and the human condition. It questions loneliness; that is the human being’s nature.

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