Max Cozzi

Max Cozzi is a Milwaukee-based photographer who specializes in large-format work. He graduated with a BFA in Photography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2016 and has shown his work in numerous galleries regionally and nationally. Works of his are held in library collections such as the Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection at The Museum of Modern Art and the Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection at The Art Institute of Chicago.

I first met Max at Filter Festival this past September. His work stood out to me as some of the strongest that I saw during the entire conference. Max has an eye for powerful yet quite compositions that make the viewer want to jump into the photograph. His images taken around this Midwest region are breathtaking. Today we share his series, Superior Times.

20160804 004

Superior Times is a photographic series that is centered on the unsettled traveling of the Lake Superior and north woods region of the Midwest. Using the diversity and brilliance of northern light, I contrast a vivid and colorful palette against the dullness of harsh, overcast winters to draw out the region’s unique character and appearance. The subjects will often vary between idyllic views of great lakes and the overlooked prospects of economically-torn towns. This work is a meditation on the quiet moments of beauty that arrive from the love of wanderlust.

20160728 001
20160728 003

To view more of Max’s work, visit his website.