Ellie Tsatsou

Ellie Tsatsou (b.1987, Athens Greece) is a photographer & interdisciplinary artist, whose work explores notions of home & intuition. She seeks to capture glimpses of peace, kindness, synchronicity, and simplicity mainly through the use of digital and analogue photography, film, editing and writing. Her practice focuses on observation and presence, placing emphasis on relationships between human and nature while forming a quest to discover and manifest creative living through every day action. Having been mentored by photographers Nick Knight and Ryan McGinley and having traveled in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia, Ellie is currently based in London. Since 2013 she has focused on her personal work, which has been recently exhibited in the United Kingdom, Tunisia and Italy. “Alphabet” is her first book; it has been selected by The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop and Tender Books in London among others, and launched in her homeland, Greece, on July 11th, 2016 at the flagship store of IANOS Athens. It’s also available online through ET Studio Store with international shipping.





The collection of works titled Alphabet aims to bring together Ellie Tsatsou’s first approaches to the language of photography. It is a compilation of early photographs, as seen years after they were shot, with the intention to discover and highlight the creative movement of one’s self; the awakenings, the travels, the angst, the joy, the expansion and the rituals it took to get an idea of what it means to be using photography as a medium of rooting and growing.

The works included in the Alphabet series span from 2005 to 2013 and have been shot in various places of Greece, Spain, England, France, America, Egypt, Zambia & Zimbabwe, among others. Each photograph can be seen as a ‘letter’ -an element of a bigger composition- which can either stand alone or pair with others to evoke meaning. Thus, the formation of the viewer’s own ‘words’, later ‘sentences’, becomes a subjective creative process, celebrated as it happens- in the same way the journey & synthesis gradually developed within the photographer’s own practice.









About the book

Photography & Words (cover) by Ellie Tsatsou, edited by Gelly Siganou, designed by Konsept83. Opening letter by Ilektra Ellinikioti, closing letter by Wessie du Toit. Edition of 500, signed & numbered. Printed in May 2016 in Athens, Greece and published by Whitelight Editions
Book Dimensions: 15.7 x 21.5 cm, 72 pages







To view more of Ellie’s work, please visit her website.