Evie Metz

Evie Metz is a photographer currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. Through her photographs she disappears behind the cloak of her camera, seeing and recording in a diaristic way. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary disappears, as she photographs portraits of an already existing poetry, often overlooked. Evie’s pictures feel honest and sincere, with a type of vulnerability that drives her narrative. Each image unique to the next, they exist in a territory of tale, turning your eyes back and forth in a trance.




Seeking Stephanie

I make these pictures to reflect on my own yearning for love and clarity and comprehension of where I come from. Reacting to what I see, I capture moments where I find connections. As though I’ve found another piece to my puzzle, another line to poem. Accumulating many photographs, I construct my narrative about identity, the beauties of life often overlooked, and what I mean to seek oneself.

The title, “Seeking Stephanie”, is draw from myself. My birth name is Stephanie. When I left home for college, states away where I knew nobody, I introduced myself to everyone I met as “Evie”. I didn’t put much thought as to why at the time, but moving reinforced my feelings of a new segment. Ever since then, the majority of everyone I know believes my name is Evie. This decision shadows my photographic endeavor. Seeking personal truth, and myself beneath the clothes and hair and sometimes smile, past externalities into a larger sensibility of self which requires the language of seeing for me to say best.

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Evie Metz 001



To view more of Evie’s work please visit her website.