Christopher Postlewaite

Christopher Postlewaite (b. 1993, New Jersey) is a photographer living and working in both New York and New Jersey. Christopher holds both a BFA in Photography and a BA in Art History from SUNY Purchase. He makes pictures across the New Jersey landscape and sporadically on his travels throughout the north east. While film and literature play an important role, Christopher’s ultimate ambitions in photography aim to consider the sequencing of photographs, their symbolism, and the way they translate a familiar reality. He uses photography’s malleability to create new narratives out of the everyday.

and the livin’ is easy

This is a project of photographs that started on the main street of an old mining town in New Jersey but have since expanded to other locations across the northeast. The photographs describe familiar aspects of working class towns in economic decline but do not aim to project any kind of totality. So much of this work is about both a description of a kind of place and the malleability of the medium in crafting narrative, as well as describing the familiar while remaining open in meaning.

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