Francesco Nazardo

Francesco Nazardo has established himself as a purveyor of the fashion world while incorporating fine art qualities into his work. He describes his process, “I work with a variety of photographic traditions while never actually getting too affectionate to a particular one.  Showing my work in exhibitions as well as on editorial or on commercial platform is a key element in my practice. It allows me a certain freedom to create different kind of images that establish a dialogue with each other and end up displayed in both commercial or artistic platforms, blurring any difference that there can be between the two. Creating images in between spaces –the personal and the commercial, portaiture and landscape and so on– allows me to infuse a certain ambiguity that characterizes my work. While I am for sure interested in some kind of formalism, I am not interested in making images of conventional beauty, as these tend to be very embedded into what they are. On the other hand, non conventional beauty is much more interesting, because it allows myself and the viewer to figure out why they are seduced by them. There is more of an intellectual process going on as you might have to figure out why you are attracted by an image that depicts a arm on top of a stove or a neck line.”

To view more of Francesco’s work, please visit his website.