Shannon May Powell

Shannon May Powell is an Australian writer and photographer based in Berlin. Her work explores intimacy and psychogeography, the meaningful interaction between people and place. Her latest work focuses on sensual experience, using a seemingly two dimensional medium such as photography to evoke an erotic experience. Not erotic in the classic sense of the word but in a more universal sense, the erotic as a source of finding pleasure in the way the senses open to life. Having studied writing and philosophy at university, the curation of her photography lends itself to storytelling. The playful and often abstract nature of her approach allows the perceiver to enter a world of magical realism.

The Anthropomorphism of Objects is a Form of Play

A publication by Berlin-based Australian writer and photographer Shannon May Powell, ‘The Anthropomorphism of Objects is a Form Of Play’ explores a perspective that is simultaneously close and distant, exploring both immediate and peripheral details. Created while a resident artist at Torna Istanbul Gallery and bookshop in June 2016, the publication consists of three separate booklets: Book of Writings, Book of Images and Book of Research – merging poetic prose, images and ideas as a kind of playful reflection on the ways in which the mind projects human qualities onto objects, animals and gods, transforming the meaningless into magic. Published by Torna (Istanbul).

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