Qingshan Wang

Qingshan Wang, born in Beijing, China. Now works and lives in New York. He graduated from Renmin University of China in 2014 with a B.A. in Journalism and Communication. He is now a MFA candidate in Photography, Video and Related Media department in School of Visual Arts. His photography works focus on transcending the fragments of everyday life and recreating images that reflect on the subtlety of emotions. His other practice also involves exploring an overly romanticized relationship between commercialized society and nature environment. He was awarded the “Young Photographer of The Year” prize of 2015 in COP21 Climate Convention in Paris.

An Introvert’s Journey

Why is it people constantly find themselves being mentally alone?

Maybe it’s the complex nature of communication between humans that ultimately shapes our inability to truly be with others. There are those who deal with this lack through aggressively expanding their social circle, but others confront it by holding back and exploring the interior. The introvert’s life is simultaneously fascinating and torturous; commingling profound contemplation with, at times, unbearable loneliness.

With this in mind, these photographs offer a meditation on the universal experience of being alone. They reveal the subtle intensity hidden behind every moment when a person wants to express what is inside but keeps it to themselves for various reasons; It is in these precious moments though that there can be a particularly charged relationship to others. The introvert’s journey is both sweet and bitter.

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