Christopher M. Hutchinson

C M Hutchinson is an artist and educator working at the Besant Hill School in Ojai California where he teaches film, photography, and art history. He is also a practicing photographer who has worked in mediums ranging from large format to stereo, but his most recent projects have been produced on iPhone. Christopher received a BA from Bard College during which he studied under imaging greats such as Stephen Shore. C M Hutchinson enjoys the process of guiding young artists along the meditative path of mastering a process, and when he is not in the classroom, he continues to work on a range of projects from phone to Polaroid. His current projects and notes can be found on his website and on his Instagram: @ojaiphoto.


Parts Unknown

C M Hutchinson is a hunter, not a farmer. He needs to be out in the world exploring to produce the kind of images he is drawn to. “Parts Unknown” is the culmination of about two years of exploring the world using his iPhone. He has found the convenience of the smartphone to be an excellent facilitator of his work since it never left him hindered by all of the gear required to produce a series in a larger format. This allowed him to be a bit more free on the land and really wander unrestricted. Because of this, he ended up in many strange and unique locations, which unlocked opportunities he may not have had were he to have been shooting in another medium. Since C M Hutchinson’s background is in large format photography, he has utilized the screen like the ground glass of a field camera, and while the phone doesn’t have the tilts and shifts of a large format camera, the size and simplicity of the device allows for a formalism similar to that of a more significant piece of equipment. He is energized by the process of eliciting such powerful images out of a device that millions of people have and take for granted.

To view more of Christopher’s work please visit his website.