Cagri Kara

Cagri Kara was born in a small town in eastern Turkey. His father, a teacher, transferred his job and moved his family to Istanbul when Cagri was 3. Cagri spent his childhood and teenage years on the streets of Istanbul before going to college. Cagri’s interest in the arts brought him to a fine arts college near Istanbul. During this time he learned how to express himself through art and learned to fearlessly communicate his ideas. After earning a bachelors degree in graphic design and photography, he begin work as an art director for global brands in Istanbul. Creating and sharing his ideas in a unique way was a driving force from the beginning. This developed his passion to focus on several disciplines, such as photography, music, digital arts and film. After having worked several years in Istanbul, he moved to the U.S. and a short time later became a freelance artist. He now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.


Alleys are fascinating. All business and nothing more. Lights, walls, broken cars, tiny windows, trashcans. That’s it.

We care about our streets’ asthetic. We try hard to make the landscapes look nicer with trees, architecture, lights… but we don’t put much effort to make alleys look nice. We leave them minimal, utilitarian…everything is there its because it must be there.

I looked for the beauty in this chaos and minimalism.

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