What We’ve Found: Color

The results are in – prepare your eyes for a colorful feast. What we’ve found is that tasteful color can make even the most mundane appear magnificent. What we’ve found is that a strong color palette can make a photograph translate as a lucid dream, so rich and surreal, but still oddly believable. The most lovely of intersections, Keri Cronan captures interior warm incandescent light complimenting the painted, cold, artificial light of a streetlamp. Meanwhile, Sarah Flynn makes a desolate landscape with the lightest tint of blue appear to be just as colorful and dream-like as a saturated beach by Gareth Smyth.

The relationships between colors is also worth exploring. Wether you’ve studied color theory or not, you can confidently bathe in the pastel palette of George Voronov or completely drench yourself in shades of red by Fabien Marques.

This selection of images can be viewed individually, in sequence, or if you scroll really fast, it creates a nice abstract blur of brilliant colors. Give it a try.

Inês Marinho

Keri Cronan

Marcos Rodríguez Velo

Thomas Pirot

Sarah Flynn

Jose David Valiente

Georgia Ponirakou

George Voronov

Alberto Mesirca

Gareth Smyth

Tianqi Song

Patrick McColgan

Luca Venter

Sam Forsyth-Gray

Aaron Chapman

Augustine Rathjen-Duffton

Isa Gelb

Fabien Marques

Peyton Fulford

Brad Perkins

Jack Deese

Isa Gelb

Christine Szczepaniak

Paige MacCready

As always, we’re thrilled with the submissions we receive for these monthly call-for-entries. Keep sending your images, and we’ll keep delightfully featuring them. Stay tuned for the next What We’ve Found theme.