Adam Cade

After spending 5 years driving a submarine in the US Navy, Adam Cade relocated to New York to pursue photography.  He creates photo essays documenting the off beat and uncanny moments he encounters throughout the city.  His practice aims to create images that transcend the subject matter’s original meaning without losing its anchor in the real world.  His current project involves documenting the nocturnal atmosphere of Prospect Park.  He attended the School of Visual Arts and lives in Brooklyn.



Nightlife is a photographic essay depicting the strange moments and unusual encounters Adam happens upon at night, during walks in Prospect Park. The project groups these moments into a photographic essay that creates a vision of the park, provoked by the friction between each photograph. The essay is both a document of the parks atmosphere at night as well as surreal reality evoked by the addition of the camera flash and colored strobes. Using these photographic methods as well as the de-contextualization of these moments he hope to express an open ended photographic narrative that allows the viewer to engage imaginatively with the subject matter, allowing for the creation of there own personal narrative.

To view more of Adams work please visit his website.