Dor Kedmi

Dor Kedmi (born Jerusalem, 1989) is an Israeli photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
In 2016, he received his B.A in Photographic Communications from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, Israel. His personal work is more eclectic and intuitive than his commercial work that mainly focuses on architectures and food photography.
His photos are all characterized by a formalist and minimalist look. He puts a significant emphasis on lines, shapes, and colors, and has high sensitivity to minimalist aesthetics.
Alongside his photographic work, Dor is teaching color processing and printing at Hadassah Academic College.

Something From Here
Israel. A fickle reality, oscillates between peace and war, anger and hatred. Inside of this whole chaos, there are some simple-poetic-little moments that disappear from our eyes. I think that these are the moments that compose the story of our society. In the project “Something from here” I chose to observe the routine of israel’s landscapes and to Isolate the presence that disappears in the ordinary daily life.

I wandered with my camera for about a year, through the length and breadth of the country. From the nervous and noisy cities through military training areas to the quiet peripheral. I looked for the usual, the simplest, the boring. The project touches on different experiences that I’m apart of, as any other Israeli. The collection of photographs strengthens a local story, fragmentary – not continuous. The observers have the freedom to build their own plot.
The project was published as hardcover book combined with a short poetic words (Haiku) inspired by the photographs.

To view more of Dor’s work please visit his website.