Maximilian Virgili

Maximilian Virgili (1989) is a self-taught photographer based in Berlin. After graduating from the University of Siegen with a Bachelor of Arts he worked as an assistant to artist Peter Granser in Stuttgart for a couple of months. He then moved to Berlin and worked as a photo editor for ZEITmagazin, WELTKUNST and other magazines. Browsing a lot of artists, tons of photos and traveling ultimately shaped his eye. He is most interested in the trivial and grotesque, the interference of humans with their surroundings, connections between nature and staging. His work has been featured on e.g. Freunde von Freunden, It’s nice that and VICE. He lives and works in Berlin.

Visual diary of Malaysia (2017)

I love how you never know what awaits you when traveling. I got sick the minute I landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The flu got me real bad. I wandered the city with excitement and a trance-like feeling from the fever. I couldn’t concentrate and didn’t really focus on my camera in the first few days – which gradually kind of helped me worrying less about what I had pushed myself to capture beforehand – I let myself float and slowly started to inhale the new atmosphere. I gradually felt better and kept on snapping the sheer endless colorful combinations of nature and urbanity that so often intertwined with random sculptural objects. There was so much to explore and see, I wish I had had more time to wander around. Just a brief encounter, but an intense one. Thank you Malaysia, see you next time.

To view more of Maximilian’s work please visit his website.