Dos Mentes

Dos Mentes, or “Two Minds” is a photo duo based out of Los Angeles, California. As story tellers they are drawn to unique cultures and have a passion for sharing these stories with the world.

Photographers Nicholas Small and Mcabe Gregg began experimenting with collaborative photography after falling in love with medium and large format photography. At first Nicholas and Mcabe worried that a big camera would disengage a subject. While one person started working on set up the other would begin an introduction and then at some point there would be a swap. By the time both of them had a chance to converse with their subject, the camera was set and it felt natural to capture a genuine moment. As they continued to shoot and collaborate on projects, a large camera set up wasn’t always involved. They discovered that it wasn’t necessarily about the camera, one could have hired an assistant, it was how they interacted with each other and new subjects, in foreign environments.

They’re kicking off the new year with this series of photographs from Kibera, Kenya however recent work has brought them to Iraq, Dubai, Amsterdam, and Kenya.

A Sunday In Kibera

Kibera, Kenya is one of the largest slums in the world. An estimated 1.2 million people, half of the people that live in Kenyas capital city, Nairobi, live in Kibera. Throughout the six hundred acres of physical dilapidation, people manage to survive. Down every alley is line of small businesses that sustain this world. Butchers, coal shops, barbers, vegetable stands, etc. Even more fascinating than how people work and survive, is how people come together to raise spirits and support each other. Our series of photographs outlines daily life inside Kibera, as well as the groups of people who have found ways to elevate the quality of life.

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